Homemade Butter

Do you like butter? Good, me too. Do you have a cow and make it completely at home without going to the store!? I certainly don’t…If you do please share the name of your cow. I always get a kick out of cow’s names.

I do like to buy fresh cream from a local farm. What’s my favorite, you ask? Honestly, I don’t have a favorite yet – but I do prefer to purchase pure cream without any added ‘stabilizers’ I mean, c’mon, it’s cream! Stop trying to put weird things in it! Don’t even get me started on margarin. Oompf.? While it is sort of a lifestyle choice, it sort of isn’t either. I get migraines, like MIGRAINES, so I avoid certain foods and additives to avoid getting one. Otherwise, I am face planted in my bed all day long convinced that I am going to die. It’s no fun. But what is fun is making your own butter at home! You’ll know exactly what is in it, too. Want it to be low in sodium? You can do that!

Homemade butter in a stand mixer

One of my absolute favorite things to make with homemade butter is my Buttermilk Biscuits recipe. When you make butter at home, it’s not just butter it’s buttuh. Real, solid, creamy buttuh. But not only do you get butter but you also get the buttermilk. It won’t be cultured (unless you culture it yourself..) so it won’t be as pungent as cultured buttermilk but personally I don’t notice much of a difference in the biscuits. AND, even better, when you start off with 1 pint of cream, you end up with enough butter and buttermilk to make the flaky, soft, and warm biscuits. They’re a match made in buttuh heaven.

Homemade Butter in your stand mixer:

What you need:

  • Stand mixer with beater
  • 1 pint cream

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

Pour cream into your stand mixer bowl and say goodbye to it (maybe sneak one last spoonful)

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

Take cover. Seriously, the cream will go flying. Turn your mixer to 10, stand back and wait.

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

I like to check on it here and there. Totally unnecessary, as you’ll be able to hear when the butter is made, but I am nosey. Right now we have something that looks like whipped cream.

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

TA DA! 10-15 minutes later we have butter. You’ll hear a THUMP and SLOSH noise when the butter is made and that is your cue to stop your mixer.

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

Since we are keeping the buttermilk, put a colander on top of a giant bowl. Pour all the contents into this so the colander catches the butter and the buttermilk drains through into the bowl. Pour the buttermilk into a jar and store in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

With the butter still in the colander, rinse it with COLD COLD COLD water and squish the butter until the water runs clear. You want to get as much buttermilk out as possible to increase the life of the butter. (Otherwise, it will spoil quicker) Roll the butter into a nice ball and VOILÁ! you have buttuh!


Want to make different kinds of butter? I’ve only made salted butter and blue cheese butter. The blue cheese butter was AH-MAZING on top of a steak 😉 Sit your butter out to soften so it will be easier to mix the fillings in.

Salted Butter: 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (start off with a small amount and taste as you go)

Blue Cheese Butter: 1 clove roasted garlic, 2 tablespoon blue cheese, & pinch of salt

Personally, I prefer to use my stand mixer to make butter. ONE time I made it in a jar and for good reason it was only one time. My arm was tired and I lost track of how long it took…my only guess is that it was somewhere between a lifetime and forever. If you do it by hand, good luck. Just pour the cream into a jar (leave about an inch or so at the top) and shake, shake, shake (on repeat).

Have you ever made butter? What’s your favorite way to make and season it?


Learn how to make Homemade butter in a stand mixer from The Smelly Onion

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