I’m back!

You may or may not (most likely the latter) have noticed a looot of time has passed since I last posted. The truth is, life got in the way and The Smelly Onion took a backseat. Then it got crammed in between the seats just like all the old and forgotten french fries or food crumbs of any car.

So what’s changed? I thought a lot about why I liked blogging to begin with, and I really enjoyed making, cooking, and baking food, taking photos, and sharing about my obsession all things doggo. However, why I’m blogging has changed. I’m still battling migraines and have decided to focus on my migraine journey here. I’d rather not have them at all, but since I do I might as well share some things that work, don’t work, and my general goal to live migraine-free or do some actual living while having migraines. There are some aspects that impact my headaches which I can’t control, like the weather, but there are others, like food (!!) and lifestyle changes, that I can control!

I hope that my journey can help someone else struggling with this chronic invisible illness.

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